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Tehran, Aug 25, IRNA – Exposure of Industries to Scientists’ Achievements (EISA) creates synergy amongst scientists of the Islamic world and expand market for cutting edge technologies, the secretary of 4th summit of EISA Mehdi Safari announced on Sunday.

He made the remarks during the press conference of 4th summit of Exposure of Industries to Scientists’ Achievements (EISA), which is held by Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) on Sunday.

The EISA was initiated after the first round of Mustafa Prize in 2015 in order to provide market and expand innovation and patents provided by scientists of the Islamic world, Safari went on to say.

The official highlighted that the event expands market for patent and product in the Islamic world and other countries and about 40 agreements were signed between scientists and companies and investors during past rounds.

Out of the figure, 15 agreements have become operational up to now, he explained.

The second and third rounds were held in Oman and Pakistan and this round of EISA will be held on November 9 and 10 at Azadi innovation factory of Pardis science and Technology Park.

EISA has been turned into a platform for scientists to develop their products in Islamic world and to present them to companies, he added.

The secretary of 4th summit of EISA noted that up to now there were no facilitators presented at the event to develop marketing and in this round, the facilitators, including export corridors attended the event.

Having said that Safari stated EISA provides opportunity to connect scientists and companies in Islamic world, which may not be supported by other countries and companies, underling about ten facilitators are selected for the event, about 50 scientists and researchers submitted their products, which are cutting edge technologies, to the secretariat up to now.

Elsewhere the official announced eight countries from Asia, Europe and Latin America including Germany, Turkey, Switzerland and Malaysia have already applied for participation.

The event is supported by Pardis science and technology parks, Iran National Technomart, Inter-Islamic Network on Science and Technology Parks, D-8 secretariat and Sharif University of Technology, he concluded.

Hi-tech products on priority

The hi-tech products and services are priorities for attending EISA, the executive secretary of the event Saem Sattarzadeh said during the event.

Investors can be venture capitals, funds and other big companies.

The official went on say that in innovation lab section of the event the products are presented, which can be tested by the participants.

The companies can apply until September 21 for the event and innovation and their applicability, commercialization, their market size and business life-cycle are the factors, which are considered by the secretariat.

Health, water and energy are the topics for the panels, which is provided by eight scholars during the event, the official explained.

The EISA provides an opportunity for companies to get acquainted with export corridors and matching.


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