EISA 2019, Tehran, Iran

EISA 2019 Tehran, Iran

Event 2019,  Tehran, Iran

The 4th EISA summit was held in Iran. It was supported by Pardis science and technology parks, Iran National Technomart, Inter-Islamic Network on Science and Technology Parks, D-8 secretariat and Sharif University of Technology. The 4th EISA provided opportunity to connect scientists and companies in the world, underling about ten facilitators were selected for the event, about 50 scientists and researchers submitted their products, which were cutting edge technologies. Eight countries from Asia, Europe and Latin America including Germany, Turkey, Switzerland and Malaysia applied for participation. The hi-tech products and services were priorities for attending 4th EISA, the executive secretary of the event Saem Sattarzadeh said during the event.
Health, water and energy were the topics for the panels, which was provided by eight scholars during the event. The 4th EISA provided an opportunity for companies to get acquainted with export corridors and matching. The participants of this summit included innovators and developers with achievements in products and services, Influential bodies from industries, to localize the developed technologies of other countries within the host country, such as companies, investors and VCs, and regulators and facilitators who could pave the way for better and smoother businesses to be held. 24 innovators, 16 investors, and 9 facilitators in Iran and about 9 other countries in the field of health, energy and water were identified. About 120 companies and investors invited to hold B2B meetings.