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EISA and its objectives:

The 4thInternational EISA (Exposure of Industries to Scientists’ Achievements) summit, with a focus on the three fields of Water, Healthand Energy, is to be held alongside the Mustafa Prize 2019 Award ceremony in Tehran, Iran, on November 9thand 10th.
EISA is a commercial platform assembled to bring The Islamic World’s scientific community and academia closer together, enabling technological achievements in products and services to be introduced to new markets, industries and investors.

Summit Divisions :

  • Demonstration Booths
  • Pitch Deck
  • B2B Meetings
  • Reverse Pitch
  • Workshops
  • Panels

Participants :

  1. Innovators and developers with achievements in products and services who wish to enter the new marketsor have overlookeda potential market.
  2. Influential industrial companies, investors, VCs, etc;especially from the host country, aiming to import the developed technologies.
  3. Regulators and facilitators who can pave the way for a better and more smooth approach for businesses.

Innovators and developers with achievements in products and services will be granted admission by the EISA council;Participantscan then state their respective needs, which will be processed by theEISA committee, placing each application in its respective field of Water, Health and Energy;Select applications will also be granted summit divisionsfree of charge.

EISA ree Services :

Following services are free of charge for industrialbodies who gain the approval from EISA

  • Summit Divisions
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Commute, reception, and sight-seeing
  • Special Iran entry visa services

*Travel expenses for qualified innovators and developersincluded.

EISA Key Features :

  • 60,000 USDneurofeedback laboratory equipment grant by ScienceBeam
  • Opportunity to meet and network with over 150 of the Islamic World elite scientists and technologists, including the prestigious 2019 Mustafa(pbuh)Prizelaureates
  • Opportunity of meeting and networking with the host country’s key technological companies, investors, VCs, and facilitators