Dr. Mohammad Abdolahad has joined the 5th EISA summit

Dr. Mohammad Abdolhad has joined the 5th EISA summit

Dr. Mohammad Abdolahad

The 2019 Mustafa Prize Laureate from Islamic Countries

Dr. Mohammad Abdolahad is an associate professor of electrical engineering at the University of Tehran. He is one of the laureates of the 2019 Mustafa Prize from Islamic countries, and his team achieved much success, including filing more than 20 US patents and publishing more than 50 papers in prominent journals. It can be described his field of research as “fighting cancer with the assist of electronics in terms of diagnostics, from science to product.” He found the biological science of cancer with the translation of electronics as a really amazing and interesting field of research. One of his achievements was the development of a new microelectronic biochip, called Metas-Chip that can precisely identify the presence of micro-metastasis in biopsy samples. His Metas-Chip identified the metastasis in more than 70 breast cancer patients, in less than 5 hours. Moreover, it detected the metastasis in lymph nodes of nine patients who were missed by conventional pathological procedures. He invented devices in the field of the electrical behavior of cancerous and healthy cells which some of them were unprecedented.

Abdolahad was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1982. He won the “Best Young Inventor” medal of WIPO in 2016 based on his research and developed systems on the technology of cancer diagnosis. He received the “Best Young Scientist from Iran Academy of Science”. Since 2016, he is an adjunct professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences. The field of biosensors is now a multidisciplinary area of research that any achievements in it need a coalition of scientists who know how to bridge the foundations of basic sciences with electronics, micro-electro-mechanics, nanotechnology, and medicine. This event is an exceptional opportunity for scientists, who are interested in doing research in the field of Cancer Electronics, Electrotechnical Oncosurgery and Nanobioelectronics, to communicate with him.

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