EISA 2019, Karachi, Pakistan

EISA 2019 Karachi, Pakistan

Event 2019, Karachi Pakistan

The 3th round of EISA focusing on cutting edge pharmaceutical approaches to meet emerging health challenges of CDs and NCDs was held in Karachi, Pakistan. This event was hosted by international center for chemical and biological sciences university of Karachi. The objective of this round of EISA were facilitation of match-making process between industries and scientists to expand the related markets and increase in financial gains of related parties. In the third round of EISA, more than 100 companies in Pakistan and other countries in the field of health focusing on the production of drugs and vaccines were identified, and about 70 pharmaceutical companies and investors in Pakistan were identified to invite and hold B2B meetings. Additionally, 14 companies from three countries applied for participation, and 27 businesses B2B were held to meet and negotiate on the business of interested parties over a table. Finally, six agreements were signed between scientists, companies, and investors during the 3th  round.