EISA 2020 Virtual Summit


EISA is a platform composed of various commercialization services in the STI Eco-system developed to meet the needs of the Islamic world’s knowledge-based industry and scientific community, enabling technological achievements in products and services to be introduced to new markets, industries and investors.

Fifth round of EISA focusing on Cutting-edge Healthcare and Medical Achievements


Facilitation of match-making process between industries and scientists, especially in Islamic countries, to expand the related markets and increase financial gains of related parties.


Summit Divisions :

  •     Consultation for Business Improvement
  •     Business Chat
  •     B2B Meetings
  •     Reverse Pitch
  •     Workshops
  •     Panels

Participants :

  1.    Influential bodies from industries, especially in health and medical field, making the possibility to introduce the developed technologies of all countries in EISA virtual event, such as companies, investors, VCs, etc.
  2.     Owners of technology, including scientists and technologists who proved their achievement in terms of products and services that could grab a market or have taken a potential market for granted.
  3.    Regulators and facilitators who can pave the ground for better and smoother businesses to be held.


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